The good, the bad and the ugly about discount coupons

What is the meaning of a coupon?

Coupons referred also often as discount coupons, sale vouchers and deals are discount deals that the manufacturer or a dealer of a product comes out with which announces a rebate on the actual marked price of the product and is usually sent via mails or as a coupon that can be cut from dailies. Basically, they are offers to the consumers that upon buying of a certain product, they would get the promised rebate. The offer can be either time bound or price bound. For instance, the offers on the coupon could be valid up to a certain date or the rebate itself could be availed on purchase of goods worth a certain amount.

Couponing is big business:

There are several markets that thrive mainly up on the couponing business. One for sure is the groceries. Groceries is something that everyone needs to buy often, couponing makes it extra attractive for people to choose one store over the others. Obviously, people will choose the store that offers them the best deals on the things that they most often shop for their household.

Things you always wanted but you could never afford:

There are things that are always on the wish list and you always look at them longingly on all your shopping expeditions and then pick it up probably, look for the price tag, ponder a bit and place it back!

You think may be just may be next time, you would be able to afford to buy it. Thoughts such as ‘it is not so important this time’ can cross your mind. It is precisely for such things that a coupon can be very handy. It can give you such rebates that you can actually afford to buy the things of your fancy without it having to pinch your wallet!

Discount coupons are heaven sent if you are struggling to meet your weekly groceries:

Discount coupons can be extremely helpful if you are using them to buy things that you mostly buy for yourself like serials, detergents, etc. at the same time, they can also use them to buy things that they always desired to buy but could never afford to. But having coupons for something that you never need or those that you already have stock of in the pantry can be tempting and is most often too dicey to avoid such temptations.

Couponing can consume a lot of time:

Couponing, my friend does not happen easily. It can take a lot of determination and discipline to sit down with many weeklies and a scissors to sit down and cut as many coupons that you can lay your hands on. Nowadays, the industry is rife with offers, good offers and extremely good offers and you may almost go crazy trying to decipher which one of the coupons will go best with what shopping. There are coupons that are specifically for a given product which will give you a percentage of rebates on the product while others could offer to give you a product or a service worth a certain amount on purchase of the given product.

Online couponing:

If you thought, couponing meant only sitting down with newspapers and cutting out vouchers, think again. The couponing industry is a bourgeoning one that also now includes within its fold online couponing. There are specific websites where you can scout for coupons and also find them and print them and stack tem in binders for your next trip to the super market!

Now, the big question is, is the time worth it?

Couponing can no doubt be a great pre occupation and life saving to people who want to save money on their grocerer’s. But one question of pertinence that a lot of erstwhile couponer asks themselves is, “Is couponing really worth the time, money and energy spent on it?”

People who are avid couponer are known to spend at least six to eight hours daily coupon collecting, browsing newspapers and surfing the internet for coupons and they are also known for spending wads of currencies in subscribing to daily and fortnightlies that most often carry coupons.

Instead, the time spent on the exercise of cutting coupons if spent on some kind of paid work would turn out to be more economical and the money saved on the subscription could also add to the net savings of the person.

A dollar here and a dollar there:

This by no means undervalues the importance of couponing. The golden rule is to collect coupon if you can afford the time and the money. Because a dollar or two saved on every weeks shopping can turn out to be a big sum at the end of the day!




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